Sustainability Policy

LAUGFS will always consider the environmental, social and economic sustainability when making business decisions. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond managing environmental, social and economic impacts and fulfilling our responsibilities to create shared value to all stakeholders; we are committed to sustaining LAUGFS by delivering exceptional performance. We will meet or exceed our own and set standards of sustainability and create a culture of sustainability by promoting and living sustainable practices within LAUGFS and the industries that we operate in. We strive to become a model of sustainability for our country, as we pursue our Vision.

Sustainability Committee

Our sustainability agenda is developed by a team who hold responsible positions within the Group. The year’s activities as well as the long-term strategies are designed with the guidance and advice of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Managing Director Head SustainabilityCommitteeCEO, LAUGFS Gas CEOLAUGFS Eco Sri CEOLAUGFS Leisure Chief FinancialOfficer Group ChiefHR Officer Head of CorporateCommunications AGM BusinessCoordination