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Air pollution is one of the main problems that confront humanity globally. Depletion of the protective Ozone layer as a result of man made air pollution which allows disease causing deadly rays to come through atmosphere is the danger that humans face at present.
Increasing vehicle use in metropolitan areas contributes to air pollution that endangers public health. To improve air quality and reduce vehicle emissions in these traffic heavy areas, DMT of Sri Lanka administers a mandatory vehicle emissions testing and repair program with LAUGFS.
LAUGFS emphasizes the importance of maintaining vehicle performance to lower emissions and extend the life of one of your most valuable assets - your car.LAUGFS uses new testing technology with state-of-the-art
equipment and customer service measures that increase the effectiveness of emissions testing and shorten the time customers spend in the emission testing process. The outcome is a faster testing procedure, better customer service and enjoy having a an atmosphere with cleaner air.
  • LAUGFS Eco Sri gets ISO 9001
    Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), the national standard body in the country, awarded ISO 9001-2008 certificate to LAUGSF Eco Sri 13 October 2011                   more >>
  • Laugfs Eco Sri donates 10,000 books
    LAUGFS Eco Sri (Pvt) Limited, a company directly involved in protecting the environment by conducting emission tests on 12 March 2011                      more >>
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